Covering Shapes

The most popular shape is the Traditional Round covering with a crown or without the crown.
Regular length is 17 1/2"; longer version is 21 1/2 ".
Smaller length for younger girls is 15". 

Seen here in black, American lace and white, English lace.

Anna wearing a round covering made with English Lace.

Charlotte wearing a round covering made with American lace.  Notice how smoothly it lays even with her hair in a twist.

Another popular shape is the Triangle.

Seen here in brown, American lace.
(Side to side 33"; top to back 17")

Melissa wearing a brown triangle covering made with English lace.

Jackie uses an extra long triangle to tie around her head like a scarf (Side to side 41 1/2 "; top to back 19").

A covering that I personally wear the most is a Rectangle shape.  This works beautifully for long hair, if you want it all to be covered at the back, but don't want long pieces of lace hanging down the sides of your face.

Seen here in black American lace. (16 1/2" x 19 1/2")

Maryandra wearing a dark blue LONGER rectangle covering made with American lace. (19" x 20 1/2")

The D-shape, is beautiful!

Laura wearing a D-shape in white, American lace. (Side to side 28"; top to back 17")

Dena wearing a Long D-shape in black, English lace. (Side to side 28"; top to back 23")